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Vethathiri Maharishi

Vethathiri Maharishi

Presently whoever upgraded masters as practicing the real yogic practices emerged from the basic roots of vethathiri Maharishi. The source of the meditation are primarily learned by these people and well understood about the fundamental frames of this universe and its hidden concepts from vethathiri. They understood the surface layer of the consciousness from the yoga which was designed by vethathiri as very simply and its can able to grasp easily and adopt by any human being.
The layer of consciousness is fixed and the target is given to our hands with ultimate connection between these minds and surface layer. Wherever vethathiri quoted in older books viz Manavalakalai in three parts published in tamil and it is understood after some years during my school days, its described on the shadow layer of the raising of the kundlini. The kundlini is described here as higher level of energy which raising through the tiny nerves as a magical path. Now it makes different interpretation on this simplified yoga given by maharishi. This shows my ego to interpret on my own master who initiated in my tender ages and given his hands to attain up to this level. Followers of the guru should identify themselves where they are standing on and which layer they hold and searching for tapping layers to pounce.
This happens to all of the person comes from the vethathiri maharishi initially. The reason behind that when they reached to some level of the surface layer, it tends to attract or try to reach or hold the string of the other end. The gap between these two ends is the shadow. You have to go by inner consciousness with the help of guru on this gap. It’s not a ladder or anything to hold and to climb. Magical things are always happenings here where the yogis gets confused with their own presence or in their dream or appearance of multi vision images. Until unless blessings of the great master the shadow part of this gap cannot be filled by the meditator. Am referring here Great masters as real masters.
When mind and soul identifies at one stage of meditation practices and suddenly on a day it disappears. Then the identification of three dimensional angle which hugely takes for twelve years to complete where we ourselves insert in to the universal source and complete the meditation. This required enormous unsolved patience in day to day life to overcome all difficulties and cross over these particular period of a decade.
The karma exposes on the surface layer and it allows to walk on the second level stages after the completion of fourth years with huge painful situations in family life and sometimes tends to brings to end of our life. Diseases becomes permanent and affects the physical and mental health directly when they crosses of sixth year. The sudden growth of beard sliding down to earth due to meditator becomes cross poled and against the gravitation. The clock wise rotation is hanged up or stuck up here simply and the string breath can take their own way to ride on the universal force of higher level of consciousness. Patience and waiting for the divine source or the present layers comes at any time to cross us. This is the painful way when we lead our life with family. The material consciousness cover over the system and does not allowed to take the time when it has been already crossed.
Yogi understood a day that they can tie the time of the universe and hanged on that till they comes out from this earlier births. These type of things happened in their future when they scan themselves for the previous births. These type of explanations comes to them through the universe and they can say as predictions. Here, the source is the time where they tied up with themselves to the period clock and locked down till their achievement of Samadhi. I stop here these words…………
Some of the old sources says, earlier also it has been explained by yogis on this universal force concepts in tamil. Its true when it’s interpreted with papers belongs to end of the sangam period in tamil literature scripted on yoga and medicines, some of the verses described on this unified force.
Recently one and only master Vethathiri maharishi has identified the unified force and published after 50 years. The great achievement of vethathiri maharishi on unified force is still continued and never interpreted with other sources since it’s been published. Behind these concept of vethathiri it’s unable to travel after maharishi concept due to lacking of travel through these surface layer. The imagination and sciences cannot trap the source of maharishi due to fifty years of continuous study on this aspect without disclosing the primary level of nature source. The surface layer is the primary source of unified force. Readers can understand here the surface level is the primary source.
Most of the time we think and it appears as vethathiri hided something from us on the next level of meditations.  This question is half filled and requested readers can give their own suggestions in this post.
Great master vethathiri formulated a wide principle in a tiny look appearance and its own formulated and framed presence of inner layers. The simplified yoga is the simplest way of understanding the widest range of gods working in nature. The shadows will take us the main stream of yogic practices to enter in to the fastest running transparent devices in nature. Most of the time people does not understand this transparent devices in nature due to the inner level is well connected with the divine source.
Some instance and easy to grasp as how to jump out from the fast going vehicle viz train. In this part, we should learn how to fly out from the running train as same speed of the running train and also slow down our position to static, let’s allow the train pass away. Another way, we have to enter the train as instance, we have to increase our speed while flying parallel to speed of the train and enter in to it. The distance between the train and ourselves is the gap of the yogic practices. It’s not indicating the train as those destiny. It’s a source. But when we stand outside of the train. We have to prepare ourselves to fly first and next to enter. Let the train take us to its own destination. The gap between is the entrance for any yogic practices. I bring to an end here. Readers don’t get confusion here in this gap. I skip some of the things for the description on the gap to avoid people copying posts. Let the gap as hollow here and understand on a day when they starts travel to open the bridge. Here the bridge referred as holes.
Vethathiri maharishi quoted in a book as I am not a scientist, philosopher, whatever I have seen internally through vision I have written.  I don’t have any well advance or refined words to explain and deliver in this universal concepts. For human being, the philosophical scientific suggestions have written in this simple language. If any mistake on this it should be pardoned by readers. The humbleness is the greatest thing behind this maharishi concept.
Till today there is no comparison on this wide spread explanation on this universal concepts given by vethathiri maharishi?.
When we got initiated in our tender ages from sky, we meditate at home with simple towel spread over on floor and wearing lungi. There was nothing special treatment or conditions behind the meditation. The main form is to meditate daily and compulsory meditation at any circumstances.
After huge books of years, the great masters came from yogic circle and taken us to the next stages of meditation. But when we used to describe on the meditation, people are interested only on which color lungi I wore, some goes beyond the level that what inside the lungi I wore. Doubtfulness is the root cause of the yogic practices which is actually disappeared from our main stream. Doubts and enquiries never brings the answers.

Hand writing of vethathiri maharishi has been published by Dr. P.Sakthi kumaravel in his book in tamil “Vethathiri maharishiyin padaipulagam”.Readers can go through entire compilation work about maharishi works in this book.

An incident, conversations, those faces repeatedly appears to me and it pains me enormously till today.  Superior person asked once is there any spare cooking gas cylinder to provide a family whom they come over for medical treatment. I had two cooking gas cylinders and stove, so I accepted and taken in the vehicle and gave it to the family.  A middle age lady and a gentle man came out of that flat in bangalore and taken.
After some period, people asked me at working area, as any willing to ready to donate the blood. Then myself and my colleague went to Apollo hospital Bangalore and donated the blood. After donation, usually I asks people where is the patient or their relations. So here also I asked silly question in that painful situation like the same. They asked me to wait outside at the I.C.U. ward.
The same lady who taken the stove from me came out from the ward and said thanks. She offered juices to me and colleague. We denied and said here itself hospital people has already gave us. I asked her, what happened to you. She said it’s not for her, it’s for her son. She went inside and brought her tender son who is working at Bangalore in one of the top company.
Mother looked to us and said, son came for treatment. He may around 23 or 24. Then I wished him and came out from the ward. I and friend went to canteen at top floor in that hospital for lunch.
After some months I went to field work and stayed in Andhra Pradesh. I and superior further got misunderstanding and it raised up to internal inquest without any reason and dissolved my carrier. Witnesses and situations hurdled and thrown from the normal stream line of basic happiness from life.
In that hard situations and difficult field conditions makes me stable in life. A day I got angry when my wife called me and said gas cylinders gone empty.  I called superior immediately and asked when you asked me all the help I have done to whom you referred without asked any details. But you never think over on those good things and making issues on silly reasons even you know very well. I said now my family suffers there in Bangalore away from me around 600 km and without any help with my two years old kid. He taken items from those people what I have given to them and returned to my home.
 Those quests became bulged, elongated with witnesses and reached to highest level and has to be appealed to first person in country after nine years.  
After some period I came out of the group, went to other state. One day near corridor, when I enquired about that boy, the superior said, he expired some days back.
 He also said some months back when he made a call to the relation they replied to him in phone that particular time they stood in cemetery ground for burial the boy. Am not able to hear anything after this. That day, when I heard the expired news, I came to know that he is the grandson of our retired top head of entire concern.
I got severe shock when I heard that that small boy expired. My entire system was stuck up for some time, whole day I was roaming without any consciousness. Emotions compressed and it always witnesses for my daily activity. I thought some simple operations was carrying out for that boy, but my share of help to those people was discarded after I heard this. Because I got angry when I faced my trouble. Its shows my selfishness. My real help becomes damn waste.
I feel ashamed on me first time in my life, I feel guilty. I went to house. I saw my face on the mirror and spit on that. What person you are. How you did this. I have not looked my face for many months without shave and roamed with bear. It hurts me internally and severely.
Those days when I do meditation at any time, in between their faces comes, I hanged on that. It hampers me in meditation and hampered my entire routine meditations. Sometime tears comes while meditating. I said to myself a yogi should be individual disciplined. Emotions is on the frequency can any one touch. Why you came down from the downstream.  Whenever I takes food, appears bitter, I am not eligible to take food as a normal person those days. It’s bittered my life.
I went to my guru place and sit silently without telling anything to him. He sat in front of me on stair case and not opened any topic to talk. Then he went to kitchen to bring breakfast for me. While passing over here and there he gave a look at me. He said, you yourself over exaggerating. You can’t punish yourself. You know yourself what you did. And really you don’t know. If you have yourself felt and accepted your mistake. So suddenly here the mercy by pass over and taken your own position. So you came out and spit on your face yourself. I know about you, seeing for a decade, you can’t do any mistake, otherwise you could not around in this yogic circle.
But it takes me huge time to come out from the incident. Years passed by.
Those faces still I remember as both mother and son stood outside the ICU. Sometimes the entire universal system gone mad what we think about god. I donated blood during critical patients. All people stays still alive. A young blind from perambur railway hospital Chennai came to my house and delivered thanks on behalf of patient still I remember.
Even after this boy demise, a person still alive in front of me whom I donated the blood. But this young fellow has gone out from this world. He may born in some mothers hand and sleep on her shoulder and he may go to school now and has brothers and sisters. He may come one day and meet me to say thanks. 
The voice of god I heard many times, but in this case it’s failure. How he disappear from this world even when I touched him. What is the use of this yogic touch of gurus? How the destiny has over looked us in front of our yogic practices. Nothing can overlook yogic practices if a person can do perfectly even destiny stand in front of your order was always said by masters.
Now loganathan phoned to me and said” if we do correctly anything from our heart, our kids gets everything in their life”. He may right. This is not the expected way of benefits. He makes himself self-disciplined, he short listed his life, he did not throw unnecessary throws to others life.  It’s a way of understanding to close all the tapping points to access the wrong things in life. This avoids to bring new problems and pain in this life?
This words may arise to some questions, it’s no need for discussion but how he suddenly turned up internally and tuned to their life. Last month he said” I will go to Coimbatore and observe fasting by silence for three days at vethathiri maharishi Samadhi. I asked him when you complete and you have to inform me what you have understood and what the answer for your silence is. But suddenly his program got stuck and cancelled. When he tried to understand on this life and wants to spend the time to understand in the system, nature have to give a hand to raise him up?
Yesterday night, I called my friend siva and asked me” why they have not given doctrine/Ph.D. to vethathiri maharishi. He scolded and said in this night time, why you had all these doubts on this.
I sadi “This person completed the universal research but the conclusion as really hided seems. So everybody searching for the conclusion of vethathiri’s universe.
He got angry and said” he might have refused this useless Ph.D. and he might have told to other people to collect themselves. He added” vethathiri may get noble prize for peace in future”. This word makes me sudden disappearance from this universe. I strongly agree here and it’s true to all sky followers.
It’s true, the work of vethathiri maharishi has been completed and hided, we cannot offer him a simple Ph.D. for whom the master is inside the universe and carrying the globe in his palm and able to deliver a simple talks on brahma gnanam to all the common people with different universal colors in three dimensional ways and its really, very simply and easily attracted on the human beings. 

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Mayan/ Mahayogi Mayamuni-2

உள்ளொளி கண்ட உணர்வினன் ஆகித்
தெள்ளும் தமிழ்இயல் சீருறும் வண்ணம்
எண்ணியல் கலையின் இயல்நிலை தேர்ந்து
விண்ணொளி ஓலிஓம் நிலைமறை அறிந்து
ஐந்தியல் நெறிக்கலை மெய்த்திறம் விளங்க
ஐந்திறம் விளக்கும் ஐந்திற நுலே
              Mahayogi Mayan (10,000 B.C)

                The verses primarily described about the art of yogic tamil verses with understanding of the universe patterned “OHM” (ஓம்) distributes the sound and light. The hidden nature of this art is one who understand this verses in Aintiram can able to understand their inner holiness and who can attained the innerness of the omni presence. The importance of tamil words and their way of understanding resembles their personality in yogic practices.
If a person may explain this concepts shows the achievement of the fullness of the god and they appraised as yogi. So that their soul can speak through their internal awareness of the god.
The verses represents the calculations which may denotes the measurements of the universe through the human being along inter dimensional connections and it comprises one of the arts. The geometric calculations denotes as numbers revealed perfect consciousness is transforming as letters or image but in a resonance. Here mayan says that sound and light as ohm are dispersed in to an infinite mode of center and creates symmetrical forms.
A Yogi can access and understand this book in a correct way that who had regularity perception of the sound and light of the “ohm”. Space time is continuous thing, it’s not been fundamental, it’s measuring space through sound and light when it becomes smaller. Smaller in the human sense as the energy collapses the region when it comes in to end point and difficult to think and go through.
உயிர்நெிநிறை முயற்சி உள்வளித் திறனே
செயிர்அற எழும்அணுத் திரளொலி ஆற்றல்
உரமும் கண்டமும் உச்சியும் மூக்கும்
வரவே இதழ்நாப் பல்வகைத் தொழிலாய்
வேறுவே றெழுத்தொழி யாய்வரல் நெறியே
Mahayogi Mayan

The fullness of the soul through the yogic practices and by internal way of proceedings to the end stage emerges huge splits of atoms and their accumulation of atomic energy ultimately precipitate as sound and light form. The whole body and the head, nose, teeth, and shrinking lips shows the energy is going through diagonally. The system of spreading the energy from the top to the bottom is unable to locate where the source from. It’s a way of perfection in breathing process as in this art of attaining spiritual. Preliminarily this will activate the entire structure of the human body and activate the multidimensional structure of the humans when continuous process of reaching internal way of holiness. Enunciated verses will be understood while the initial stage of sound produces the results in the holy temple of human body. Here mayan represents the tamil as moolam to understand all the arts due to the alphabets are cryptically formed in inter dimensional manner with respect to the universe. The sound and the letters of the tamil scripts are basement and functional description of the human beings and their arts. Its wholeness and inter connectedness which elaborates as individual to highly consciousness.
As same as Maha yogis of Tamilnadu, mayan described in a recent form of digital visions. The letter of “OHM” in tamil represents the sound in the universe. Its tamil yogis and magic split appears as an indicator to deep insights in to our past, present and future. Present is really delayed due to the confusion of dreams in conscious stages.
          Mayan belonging to pristine tamil tradition, as same as other yogis, he attained and described on the results of yogic practices through mathematical order, universal concepts and derived the space dimensions. He quoted the human as instrument connect to the universe as interface and receive the entire data of universal server from higher, interdimensional sources which interconnected to light years. 
Time and space are always same by tamil yogis. Only present is here, eternal. The time of vertical and diagonal are always in present. God’s breath is the vedas and space as in the geometrical form of symmetry which I posted in previous post. It’s utterly true.
The following general topics is similar to the mayan principles and densely understood by us during our tender ages. Both mayan and vethathiri concepts on yogic practices is the basis for a bridge into the mind of god through experimentally, technically and crystallize their results appears as multidimensional view as in the present state of consciousness. We can trap them on their sustained source of expansion of intelligence as tapping point of consciousness and disappear in meditation. Readers go through slowly due to their intercalations of both scientific yogic masters’ deliveries which gradually accelerates and trigger out suddenly to end stage of real meditations. I bring to an end here due to flow of conscious secrets which you have been cross through.

Senior people has given presentation on vethathiri maharishi concepts and its importance. They also transferred some of the datas from internet seems, but they never divert from the vethathiri concepts. It’s blissful to us.
Recent people who well versed with internet access and high English have given speech on meditation. This made difficulty when comparison with vethathiri meditations viz. the rising of kundalini energy from the mooladhara to head crown was showed through graphic animatic display from internet sources. Most displayed on the rising energy dispersed in the internet is expressive but it’s not true. They made the recent animations due to some arts followed by tibets are drawn manually on their language and the letters shows their own way of path finder to the omnipresent. But in tamil, the letters are well known to kinder school kids and it’s easy to display for tamil yogis how to energy raises in the human body.
I tried to convince one of sky professor after their presentation on meditation. They said they have seen kundlini by their own eyes, which silver cord are traversing directly as straight, vertically over them. I denied it’s not traversing straight, it deviates and swerves. But they disagreed. And I requested to read OVVAIYAR KURAL/ AVVAIYAR KURAL based on wisdom/Gnanam. In the stage, an old person sitting aside to them on the stage criticized” it’s another avvaiyaar who written “aathisoodi” and it resembles I don’t know on this. Finally I requested to read verses of Ovvaiyar kural so that it will be understood to them after ten years of span according to their stages.
Some, visits to my room and asked doubts on soul and dreams and whatever I said they explained to ladies as they learned from their own, some in front of me explained to the women as how I used to deliver. Deliberately, Most of them looks as they follow many other meditation methods but using meditation of sky.
Many people does not wants to learn from simple people, due to ego, but it loses the original art from the nature who is qualified along the nature. Number of people at Chennai working for bread and butter with families are well versed with yogic practices. Interested people search for those people and learn the real meditation and complete this birth.
I had really worried when I cross all those things, humbly I request here, you are not required as professor or master for our arts, you required as only guide. A perfect guide chooses you, seed you and throw away from their circle. You have to pour water daily and maintain till it grows as tree and deliver the fruit. When the first fruit comes out master re back to position and take your fruit from your hand without informing you. That’s the magical components of the meditations. You cannot throw your magical power from your meditation on master, because the seed belongs to many masters. You have to complete the growth of the tree and wait for next fruit. This should be understood in a proper way.
Assistant professor said it’s difficult to say the word in tamil ”Vaazhga Valamudan”. Their tongue unable to swerve to say in tamil” they said in front of everyone. So they always says in kannada. While completing meditation, half of the people says in tamil and another half in kannada.
The word ”Vaazhga Valamudan”. Formulated by vethathiri is highly tuned in the universe. The word chosen by vethathiri comes from the great space. It reflects and refracts into multi-dimensional form and appears as image according to a person on dedication of yogic practices. I stop here at this end due to secrets.
It depleted suddenly when say this word in any languages and it appears as dispersed form. It dilutes, it takes more time to formulate a new word and construct a form of a word in dimensional sequences in the space.   The meaning of vazhga valamudan in tamil may give a bless as meaning to all,  but the sound shatters the universe in an acute form due to their pattern of inactive end stages and settle their itself and interconnect between the meditationer and space. Crores of times it has been spelt by common people. If we are not able to follow the basic word of Vethathiri, how can the holiness of meditation will be completed and received by us which is formulated and given by a guru to all.
When in a video display “maharishi says” today all of you learned the meditations, you have to teach to at least ten people, so that it brings the universe in a stream line to all to approach. Then maharishi said” now I will give you energy which I saved for 90 years by doing meditation and constant yogic practices. “Now you lift your right hand and recognize the energy will cross over through all your hands from my hand and filled up in your internal body and it never exhaust till your life”. It emerges every time and fulfill your life. Then immediately every person who denied to say the word raised their both their hands and taken blessings from the guru without any cost and repay, but we don’t want to follow his single word.
At the end of meditation vethathiri maharishi always says in tamil Ohm shanthi, shanthi, shanthi. But digital world brings strict rules and regulations through the religion and the word became amaithi, amaithi, (silence, silence). I am not able to understand the principles which has been modified. But in kannada language they says as Ohm shanthi, shanthi, shanthi due to their translation of word silence in kannada is “shanthi”. They no need to change. They indirectly follows the vethathiri maharishi words as in an original form.
When in college days we had initiation from maharishi at tiruvanmiyur, chennai. Same blessings he gave to all of us after the end of thuriyatheetham class. I lifted my hand and receive in my hand from master. It’s clearly felt through by hands when it cross over through hands, again, again and he passed through sideways. That day I realized if we are not able to give, then we are not eligible to receive once life time hard work? But we want everything easily. I went and bow down and got blessings from his hand touched on my head, he gave a fruit as same as like to other students. He laughed on me “you come back again”.
Maharishi, we understood about you two decades, during tender ages. Whoever blessed by you had already attained the end of yogic stages which I have seen plenty at Chennai. You took us as a new born kid like a mother, the parental care, feeding of milk, avoid odd food, strata consumption of food and time for sleep to kid, good or bad which one is good to kid preferred by mom till its starts walking. You showed the shadow of real meditation to all of us and makes us understood to the real image growing behind us.
When I completed sixteen years of yours meditation, the great masters came and took all of us. They said what you have done all through years makes us easy to mold you and it’s easier to bring down you to Samadhi stages”. I still remember the great master words of this.
You makes us a perfect disciplined and well qualified student to follow mahayogis yogic practices in this birth itself maharishi. We became well-tuned internally by you.
Now we went far away from you at the end stages of meditation. Why you bring all of us again to your world?  We don’t have patience to observe the common people who thinks themselves as well known on your meditations and we have the absence of parental care to take your kids and bring as qualified them in this modern world?
We always discuss many times on your space concepts, if you are alive now, you could have access this modern world through the sophisticated laboratories and scientific principles on astro physics from the end of cosmos, refer the high physics and finally formulate the gods particle by establish the fabric of universe with interdimensional approach of your sky meditations in Tamilnadu.
You knows the right way of tapping the universe. The tapping point has been opened by you many decades simply. If we are not able to deliver and prove your concept in this birth, I assure you, my kids will complete my research and bring down the scale of vethan and the highly secrets of angle of approach on this universal magnetism. The way of diagonal penetration through the meditation and to connect the entire space from our home itself. My kids will deliver this angles of penetration in Universe on behalf of you.
We loved you, whoever you blessed those became real yogis are spread over everywhere.  They loved you genuinely, gratefully and till death they followed your principles and words. Its great humbleness from your training.  They pasted this word vaazhga valamudan stickers over everywhere from almarah to doors in their rented houses. They give your names to their kids. During their demise also, they said and blessed us “vaazhga valamudan” so that we have reached up to this end stages of meditation. You a guru, a wing maker for all of kids like us.


  • Aintir̲am, Directorate of Technical Education, Chen̲n̲ai, Tamilnadu; Tozhil Nuṭpa Kalvi Iyakkakam (1986), OCLC: 19172544

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Mayan/ Mahayogi Mayamuni
ஓம்உறும் ஒளியும் ஓம்உறும் ஒலியும்
காமுறக் கற்கும் கலைநிலை ஆக்கி
வாய்ப்பு தீட்டல்
Mahayogi Mayan (10,000 B.C)

                A concealed verses described about the light and sound emerged from the art of deciphers. Here it’s referred as “OM” in tamil script and its decoded to the pronunciation from the script of invisible breath of god. It’s true to the unique from tamil word “om”. Mahayogi mayan verses depicts the universal appearance in motionless form.
Mayan tried to bring the readers very nearer to the explanation trends of universe and also the cracked words appears to be very recent forms of authentication about the yogic practices. The tamil language, literature had the unique advantage of a systematic growth for many centuries by blessing of god through maha yogis of Tamilnadu and after its under the patronage of great emperors. The verses described here is given by Maha yogi mayan in compilations of “Aindiram”. The Aindiram comprises spiritual, arts and dealing with technical multidimensional treatise on space and time. The following verses is a part of the verses shows the prime existence.
மாநெறி நுட்பம் மறைமொழி எண்ணெண்
துாநெறி கிளக்கும் ஐங்குறில் உயிரும்
எழுத்தால் இலங்கி எண்ணால் துலங்கி
வழுத்து மாநெறி நிலைக்கலை ஓங்கி
வையத் தன்மை நிலையுற விளக்குபு
ஐயைந்து இயல் நெறி பருநெறி நுண்திறன்
காலச் சுழலும் கடுகி விரையும்
கோலமும் சீலமும் மூலம் ஆய்ந்தே
உள்ளுறும் வையம் புறத்துறும் வையம்
தெள்ளுறும் கலைத்திறன் சீர்நிலை காண்பரே.
Mahayogi Mayan (10,000 B.C)

The above verses as estimable truth and technical works makes understand the hidden art and language of the decrypted. It divides the entire system in to 8x8 or it comprised 8 and 8 with respect to the Tamil language interpreted with long decibel and short decibel words. It describes about the internal congestion and concealed talent which reciprocates with the period of hidden clock. The reversal and circulation of the period which travel faster than the flares. The internal and external creation are correlated and it discloses the intercalations between these structures in the imaginary perception of universe in the beginning. It compares the existing nature and the formed internal variations of humans coherent with the universal truth.
The above verses from the Mahamuni mayan discloses the language of secret Tamil and it resembles the code words usually the way of systematic pattern and inserted in their verses as same as like other yogis in Tamilnadu. The verses also denotes the beginning of the understanding on the multidimensional arts usually described by maha yogis of Tamilnadu during various stages and periods. Always the verses in Tamil words twisted the person to understand according to their level of yogic stages and practices and also it diverts what they needed in material world or in the yogic practices of the hidden secrets. It appears accordingly.

Some months back my daughter had severe urinary infection and admitted in Columbia hospital, Bangalore and continued treatment periodically. One of our Family friend who among the famous vaastu consultation group in India visited our flat. They were also given plans to world famous iskon temples and big malls. Their master from Hyderabad comes from disciple cycles and he has written vaastu book in telugu and it has been translated in English which is available in all top book stores. They busiest people who have breakfast in Orissa, lunch in Delhi and return to Bangalore at night in a day. They had also consulted many abroad assignments. He came and advised my wife to change the book rack from the northern side to south or eastern side. Repeatedly he advised and we never used to hear because of non-availability and to spare time.
I have some questions regarding the pattern of construction of this human world. But he did not cleared. So he always avoid me to discuss on this art. One fine day, both our maid servant lady and wife changed the book rack to the eastern side of the hall. Vaastu person said to my wife “thillai may trust or not, but in his experience what he had, he insisted only one advice “don’t keep any items in the northern side and don’t make hurdle along the main entrance. We respect to their art and their experiences on interpretation.
The entire world is floating on the invisible sense, breath, and wave and hastily in the form of primary energy. A person born on a fixed angle in the center with respect to latitude and longitude. For instance, Jupiter on 50o North North East from their position, likewise Saturn 70o North East, Sun 90o South East, Moon 110o  as same as also other planets around them with reflected earth as center for the human beings and considered as sun will be Lagna in their horoscopic charts?.
Now the circulation, transitions and movement of angle which makes a human life will be transiting to their karma with respect to the born date. The angle between the day of born and the running day will be the distance and changes of angle in the deviation which enable a person receives the planetary motions and result of positions. Now for instance, a person will make a vaastu patterned dimensional home, measured constructions and live at home for certain period can escape or away from planetary position, or simply as his horoscope calculations will not be activating? He can live as on his own expectations which can be fulfilled after stays in a vaastu house?
Then today the transition of Saturn planet occurs, which cannot make any changes in their life and blue print of their horoscopic chart?  If humans can escapes from the planetary motions, transitions in this world? This questions usually raises when I started learning astrology.
Guru said, it’s a way of calculations written by our maha yogis of Tamilnadu and it’s not at all related with the calculations. If a construction is calculated then the rays also will be calculated, its penetration will not be countable with gravity and specific gravity. It will be against the gravity and its working on high altered zones in the world. Agama calculation will fix to the temples for settling on the vertical gravitational force. Where ever the load from the vertical on center of gravity, the nature never touches the center of gravity falls on the center as force, so he said you keep your book rack at the same place. But it has been already shifted. After shifted, servant maid left the job due to her mother illness. Then the same vaastu consulter said “shift the book rack to western side of the hall. Then maid servant returns. But I denied this statement and not disturbed from the same place and new maid has joined and settled with my small daughter.
Mayan scripts available with private people, some rare books published in Chennai by Tamilnadu government and some through saraswati mahal, tanjore, Tamilnadu. Some of particular Mayan scripts consists and comprises about the vaastu sastra in Tamil. Published scripts are mostly deal with vaastu sastra and its technical construction. Readers can get these books from the stalls in Chennai.
When I started reading it appears the Mayan words could have made imaginary lines on the universe and the universe itself made the crystallography of each construction of temples and their god’s cloisters. Maha yogi created as imaginary multidimensional crystallographic and stratigraphic structures on the universe and completed with their power and finally placed as original form in the world. That’s why the Mayan words are taken here to understand the concepts of universe with respect to humans and beings. We have by product of the limited verses from Mayan and it looks major concepts is still hided and the initial preface of the Mayan is a divisive and closed system perspective makes access to these universal concepts and realm difficulty. In future it may be received from higher, inter dimensional planes where it starts. Then the preface will be clear with the standard topics as same as by Tamil siddars. I try to give some of the verses deals with the universal concepts and understood with maha yogis of Tamilnadu.
The interpenetrating crystalline lattice which described above as crystallographic imaginary lines through which the light and sound source appears, create and sustain the geometry. We can make from entire units of creations from this geometrical universe.
The imaginary constructions are brought into practice and deployed in the hard copies for future generations after the Mahayogi Mayan disciples through thousands of years. The above descriptions are continuing in digital mode seems. I bring to an end here for other interpretation.
 The Statue of the great poet Thiruvalluvar 133 foot in Kanyakumari is the great evidences of the multidimensional arts and its constructed and processed through the traditional principles of mamuni mayan by Tamilnadu Government.
Guru said ”the imaginary crystallographic lines were formed from the universe and interface zone is created to appear as visible form of any diagram or moulded in form for constructions or in paper. Highly consciousness is tuned into the subtle frequencies which is permeating space. As all the great masters’ words as the breath of god is revealed as Vedas.
Continues if this presumes.

  • Aintir̲am, Directorate of Technical Education, Chen̲n̲ai, Tamilnadu; Tozhil Nuṭpa Kalvi Iyakkakam (1986), OCLC: 19172544

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Gods Boundaries (Thiruvasagam-2)


“கல்லாடத்தில் கலந்தினிதருளி நல்லாளோடு நயப்புற வெய்தியும்”
Kalladanar (Thiruvasagam)

கண்ணுதலான் தன்கருணைக் கண்காட்ட வந்தெய்தி
எண்ணுதற்கு எட்டா எழிலார் கழல்இறைஞ்சி
விண் நிறைந்து மண்நிறைந்து மிக்காய்விளங்கொளியாய்
எண்நிறைந்து எல்லை இலாதானே நின்பெரும்சீர்
பொல்லா வினையேன் புகழுமாறு ஓன்றறியேன்.
(Manicka vasagar)
The order of sequences in the nature applies inconsistent senses to gaze through the sleuth and shadow replications of the lord shiva. Manickavasagar viewed through the holy eyes, insight of the wisdom along the worship of lord shiva, had third eye and always appear in front of him. It’s unable to reach the path of the lord due to the karmic superimpositions which it’s concealed in this nature. The karmic sequences and the practices of karma throughout the births and its interconnections of the periodic clock in nature spreads out through the sky and earth. It elongates throughout the spaces as a part of the destiny lights broken in to pieces and brings the reflected glows from the unique/unified nature. The unique appearances holds all along the human life. There will be no counts and appearances for the lord reputations with respect to wisdom and its hostile reactions. Manickavasagar himself excited and continued ecstasy, made him unable to praise the lord in physical body. Manickavasagar felt the difficulty in all the way when the prayers and praises doesn’t make any difference on lord shiva. It’s unable to understand through the wisdom, holy mind and it’s not reachable beyond the sky which here as confined to lord shiva.
புல்லாகிப்பூடாய்ப் புழுவாய் மரமாகிப்
பல்விருக மாகிப் பறவையாய் பாம்பாகிக்
கல்லாய் மனிதராய்ப் பேயாய்க் கணங்களாய்
வல்அசுர ராகி முனிவராய்த் தேவராய்ச்
செல்லாஅ நின்றஇத் தாவர சங்கமத்துள்
எல்லாப் பிறப்பும் பிறந்திளைத்தேன் எம்பெருமான்
(Manicka vasagar)
Manickavasagar describes as indirectly on who I am. Its starts from the single to multiple sense of living beings and it disappears consequently. The life cycle and the theories derived from the senses and organs for the beings are compared with the holy senses. This reciprocate the cumulative births of the distinct life cycle and it concludes the end of the beginning. The sense organs were compatible with grasses, worms, plants, birds, and insects. It’s intercalated with stones, humans, ghosts, periodic clocks, yogis and angels. Mahayogi Manickavasagar himself concluded that it’s a part of the developed senses in this periodic life cycle and it’s away from the period of superimposition and finally the whole entity/ universe was surrendered to lord shiva.
Mahayogi Yogeeswarar concluded these verses and further cracked the hidden words on Manickavasagar verses on the above mentioned. He reclined the whole system of life cycle and the order of superimposition as “whom am I” and its rebirths of the above said in the particular order of overlain which represents the final conclusion of the human birth. All the births are the same and continued, the soul and the extension is not been divided in to lone. It’s sustained and looked into final birth of the human which is the extreme end of the divine seed which it has been seeded at the beginning of the periodic cycle. If a soul being appeared as plants, animals and periodic cycle and then, how it would be as a soul and  reborn as human being at the same periodic cycle?, it’s not taken as acceptance. All the yogis has confirmed on this acceptance of the whole confined into superimposition. Yogeeswarar further explained in an exclusive way and a definite pattern and verses of Manickavasagar confirmed to the senses as panchaboothas and also the analysis on this aspect to see the lord shiva instead of reputation or any other fabulous structures.
When the analysis has started, the starting point of sara and asara will be identified as panchaboothas. It mixes with god and the beginning of panchaboothas in to restructure. He described all along the stream line on the same cycle and born as the said above and leaned to human and concluded as the confined life periods.

மெய்யேஉன் பொன்அடிகள் கண்டின்று வீடுற்றேன்
உய்யஎன் உள்ளத்துள் ஓங்காரமாய் நின்ற
மெய்யா விமலா விடைப்பாகா வேதங்கள்
ஐயா என ஓங்கி ஆழ்ந்துஅகன்ற நுண்ணியனே
(Manicka vasagar)
The verses of Manickavasagar described as praises on the glowing paths of lord shiva and the places where it has been reached. He himself resolved on the prayers and the worship has been attained the end stages of the meditations.  The verses praised on the shiva that it’s been crossed the rebirths from the next inter connections of the human life. The fame and reputations on the lord shiva praised as bull the symbol, and it’s directly linked to rishaba, the symbol of barrier.  The worship defined as praises on lord shiva which climb on the top of the pranava occurred as a ladder and its hide behind the ohm, the omkaram (the sound of Ohm in internal body) and it’s understood as it has vast spread over the secret way in the universe.
Yogeeswarar explains the radiances, glow textures of golden paths which represents the lord shiva and resembles the philosophy of earth in this verses associated with soil, the allied nature of panchaboothas. It further superimposed as food which was taken from the soil as panchabootha preliminarily, and further extracted to semen as nadha. Here it’s indirectly indicates the construction of the knowledge and its boundaries of the beings edges on the universe. The comparison on the golden path with the panchabootha referred here as the glittering of gold. Glittering due to ecstasy and the images raised by the energy levels. Lord shiva hidden behind in the physical body and gleaming after the impurity represents the name as meiyya and vimala in the verses above. The cow and bull represents in the physical body in different ways and denoted the path of the realization. Saiva sithantham represents these external entities as rishaba when it reaches to pranava and it becomes the static state appear as lord shiva.
The upliftment of the pranava and three malam has hidden here in the above verses. The broad space represents the appearance of the lord and the physical body which was overlain by three malam. The practices of the meditations and the way to see the lord ship, wisdom, the karma as noted here as tiny/naughts.

வெய்யாய் தணியாய் இயமானனும் விமலா
பொய்யாயினஎல்லாம் போய்அகல வத்தருளி
மெய்ஞ்ஞானமாகி மிளிர்கின்ற மெய்ச்சுடரே
எஞ்ஞானம் இல்லாதேன் இன்பப் பெருமானே
அஞ்ஞானம்தன்னை அகல்விக்கும் நல்அறிவே
ஆக்கம் அளவுஇறுதி இல்லாய் அனைத்துலகும்
ஆக்குவாய் காப்பாய் அழிப்பாய் அருள்தருவாய்
போக்குவாய் என்னைப் புகுவிப்பாய் நின்தொழும்பில்
நாற்றத்தின் நேரியாய் சேயாய் நனியானே
மாற்றம் மனங்கழிய நின்ற மறையோனே.
(Manicka vasagar)
The above verses by Manickavasagar praises the lord shiva as appear and non-available stages as disappear. Gradually Manickavasagar himself changes in devotions and worships on lord Shiva by physically, and understood the changes brings him when it comes close to lord shiva. The knowledge in the physical body represents here as wisdom and extreme end of gnanam. Still with this mind and tuned knowledge, it is understood that it’s unable to see the god.  When it converts the absence of mind or loss of mind, itself taken to the holy stages of appearance of lord shiva. Vedas described as Maraiyoney (மறையோனே) the huge meaning hides behind this single word which praised to lord shiva in confined access.
Twelve years back, manikandasamigal from papanasam showed jeeva Samadhi was located inside the kasi viswanadhar temple, tenkasi. Number of jeeva Samadhi of mahayogis were located around the huge tenkasi temple area. River flows through West of the temple which is channelized from the courtallam falls. Recently projects has been started to relocate the jeeva Samadhi around this temple and surrounding areas of tenkasi town. May be all the yogis were laid down in samadhi around the shiva temple due to its holiness of western ghat section and lord shiva. Number of famous verses and poems has been praised on the courtallanadhar/shiva, kasi visvanadhar/shiva. Most of the medical students from siddha medical colleges has been carried out dissertation works, Ph.D on this temples,herbs and works of maha yogis.

Auto driver pandiyan applied break suddenly along the main road near the north of signal near Yaanai pallam, tenkasi. Parked auto near platform; went directly to the small room which is yellow painted and its visible through outside that some articles kept with flower and oil lamp.  I asked him it’s any goddess for group of families or stone structures laid for worship by communities. He said “the renovation work and the searching of yogis Samadhi around tenkasi is a running project in progress and this has been renovated and opened for all. This is one of the jeeva Samadhi which is closed long back with dumps. He also added “Now it’s renovated and people started visiting from nearby towns. One more Samadhi at southeast of nannagaram area, a jeeva Samadhi and the constructed temple also on project findings.
Readers can go through above wisely in all the verses in Thiruvasagam by Manickavasagar and the concealed elaborate analysis by Yogeeswarar.

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GODS BOUNDARIES (Thiruvasagam)

கல்லாடத்தில் கலந்தினிதருளி நல்லாளோடு நயப்புற வெய்தியும்.
Kalladanar (Thiruvasagam)
Kalladanar written the greatest work of Kalladam. By the order of Lord Shiva, Kalladanar compiled the verses and poems from the work of Manicka vasagar who written the verses on god. When Kalladanar sung the verses on lord shiva in temple, the statue in the temple nodded on every poems at the end of completion. The statue (kal in tamil, the stone) shook its head and nodded as appreciation and accepted on his every verses and poems. It becomes the place of Kalladam in Tamilnadu and God also bearing the same name as kalladam. Lord shiva given the name as Manikavasagar to the poet when heard the greatest verses from Thiruvasagam.

கல்லாடத்தில் கலந்தினிதருளி நல்லாளோடு நயப்புற வெய்தியும்.

The above verses indicates some wobble on the crown portions discloses the vibration of the energy intruded on the sahasranamam, the gate way of the temple. The meaning and verses is different, but here it’s irresistible to give as it’s written by mahayogi sundaraManicka Yogeeswarar. In Tamil, the meaning makes the other trend of the limited tendencies. Here it’s written on the previous verses and the continuity of thiruvasagam by Yogeeswarar in a way it traverses all along the holiness.

நமச்சிவாய வாழ்க நாதன் தாள்வாழ்க
இமைப்பொழுதும் என்நெஞ்சில் நீங்காதான் தாள்வாழ்க
கோகழி ஆண்டகுருமணிதன் தாள்வாழ்க
ஆகம மாகிநின்று அண்ணிப்பான் தாள் வாழ்க
ஏகன் அநேகன் இறைவன் அடிவாழ்க

வேகம் கெடுத்தாண்ட வேந்தன் அடிவெல்க
பிறப்புஅறுக்கும் பிஞ்ஞகன்தன் பெய்கழல்கள் வெல்க
புறத்தார்க்குச்  சேயோன்தன் பூங்கழல்கள் வெல்க
கரம்குவிவார் உள்மகிழும் கோன்கழல்கள் வெல்க
சிரம்குவிவார் ஒங்குவிக்கும் சீரோன் கழல்வெல்க

ஈசன் அடிபோற்றி எந்தை அடிபோற்றி
நேசன் அடிபோற்றி சிவன்சே வடிபோற்றி
நேயத்தே நின்ற நிமலன் அடிபோற்றி
மாயப் பிறப்பறுக்கும் மன்னன் அடிபோற்றி
சீரார் பெருந்துறைநம் தேவன் அடிபோற்றி
ஆராத இன்பம் அருளுமலை போற்றி

சிவன் அவன்என் சிந்தையுள் நின்ற அதனால்
அவன் அரு ளாலே அவன்தாள் வணங்கிச்
சிந்தை மகிழச் சிவபுராணந்தன்னை
முந்தை வினைமுழுவதும் ஓய உரைப்பனியான்.
Mahayogi Manikavasagar

The above verses may everyone from the schools of tamilnadu got it memorized during the school days for tamil paper –II. It makes us to bring the expand state of mind. It’s not on the way of style prays along parayanam. Its crosses our soul and it dissolve the gates which closed from the birth. The dissolve of ten gates as represented here as quoted secretly, if anyone unable to dissolve on thiruvasagam, they never dissolve for anything. But it indicates the ten gates to dissolve as indirectly. The above words given by a yogi.

The above verses quoted as Na Ma Si Va Ya- Namasivaya, the Na indicates the soil/Mann, Ma the water/Neer, Si the Fire/Agni, Va Air/Karru,Vayu, Ya the Universe/ Agayam, the long standing prayer for all these five are carried out here.

The same as the pranava, related to sakthi, it’s never been forget for a while and it’s always on the mind, the holiness of lord Siva feet. It’s always resembles as single, when it’s not being mingled and merged with lord Shakti, it spreads over the crores of the energy to the disciples of lord shiva. The panchenthriyangal of human being viz, eye,ear,mouth,nose,body are always interconnected with the above panchaboothas referred as na ma si va ya  the external sources of the universe.

The intercalations of pancha boothas and accumulation as a divine source as a single, the panchenthriyangal are characterized and categorized with respect to pancha boothas when it applies or works on the universe. The cluster of pancha boothas works on the humans brings and quoted as symbol as externally as lords viz, Lord brahma for soil, water for Vishnu, fire for ruthiran, vaayu for magesan, sky agayam for satha sivan. It composed and consist as five with respect to pancha boothas, the internal connection of panchenthiryas. Soil as body, the sareera, water, agni the fire as eye, vayu, the air as nose, sky agaya as ear. If these panchenthriyangal combined with panchaboothas works internally and called as Gnanantheriyangal.

If works externally as material consciousness and when it works internally as Gnanam, the Yogam. The highly definition of Om the Omkaram, tamil word as highlighted here. It’s the extreme end of the mantra jeba, may be soundless. When it works internally it refers as prithvi as Na, Water as Ma, Agni fire as Si, Vayu as Va, Agayam, sky as ya. The holi beejas as referred and denoted separately and indicated the pancha boothas working nature and it’s the seed of the knowledge and it’s the one, the only one able to attach with Omkaram and its can be able to  bring out as Om Nama shivaya. The five mantras are carried out intermittently. The tamil word “OM” the script denotes the pranavam. The tamil letters from “AA” to Akk” represents the symbol of yogic practices. After this there will not be doubt arising on the letter “OM” by friends and Nagu.

The chakkaras as referred here as lords feet and the stick as fingers. The chinmuthra are compared here as for yogis. Lord shiva hidden behind the pranava manthra. When invisible, the lord appears as yegan, when visible as in the universe lord appears as Anegan.

The holy light as agni in the sukkilam, the carrier of vital fluid has the tendency of glowing light. It enables the internal light for the yogis. The same light appears as brightness as thejas/glows for the common people. The external body reduced the brightness to the internal and external body works according to the quantity of the sukkilam. Lord is in the end of the atom structure and referred here as Pinju Agan, referred as the lord inside the atom. With folded palm by Twelve inch above the head and hold it stable to see the lord shiva makes to understand and appears to be everywhere in the nature. The secrets on the head as referred here for travel towards pranavam. Here the lord shiva as referred as the emperor for the human body, the controller of external.

Without guru it’s unable to touch the holy light which glows internally, so it’s referred here as guru help, his holiness and his blessing from lord feet.

 To distract the sin from the birth, present sins the gnana karma is required here to eradicate the karmas. Yogis followed the shiva purana and the practices of the way followed by the maha yogis.

Faced trouble to accumulate energy inside the residing house. It’s not so easy to fix the required boundaries at the sixteen ends of residing houses. Usually heard that people used to keep some nails or rakshas at the end of the Lakshmi/satyanarayana pooja. This is the temporary geometrical scale structure and it enable the sixteen fold ring structure falls around the house where they spread out through the yaga and pooja. The mantras spelled out and the water poured on the chakra and it activates for time being according to the power of the priest or magician and it depends up on money. For money it works accordingly, besides these the magical texture created by them work imaginarily on the fire and water. And vice versa…….?

Some of the flats they laid down on their own flat internally when they do house warming ceremony.  Some people kept externally on their apartment for their name sake to hold up from the enemies’ arrows which is bowed down from their home town or office circle or from other state persons.  They gets self-satisfaction when the priest tells these things as story and makes them to trust for further collection of money. But the real work will be faced to L type structure when it perfectly fixed down and thrown out from the houses and it works geometrical toned energy and spread out as fission and fusion. This is the hidden secret, but it can be created by well versed yogis not with street magicians, or priests or horoscope tellers.

If Priests says like mesha, rishaba, dhanusu rasi people gets good fortune after transition of planet guru at the middle of the June, then they used to trust blindly due to their predictions comes out from the demons through the magicians instead of analyzing the place of guru on their own horoscope charts or the chart thrown down on the river.

The geometrical structures starts its works gradually when it laid down near or far away or in L shaped direction or T shaped direction. It refracts, reflects and it penetrate to the fellow whom targeted. The energy level makes a balloon type temporary bubbles makes the fellow uncomfortable. They also observe it works or not, if fellow met accident suddenly, then the messages goes immediately to the magicians or priests or where it kept alive. People can observe the accidents which will be occurred close to our vehicle or near our footsteps without touching us. This resembles the indications that it has been targeted but unable to cross the circle of the fellows’ gods from the villages. Readers go through these paragraph once again.

A person from abroad visits met recently and said, there was a street for these type of magical things and kept board outside for consultation and immediate results will be indicated to real customers. It crosses for a while but it always failures after some days due to …………………?

If do meditation in residing places, it stuck up your energy and it hold when your astral body tried to expand throughout the place. Then it will come to know that where the location of chakras kept in and around the houses, streets and its boundaries. If the herbal plants are laid down somewhere nearby houses, its holiness usually block the forces and energy created by the pre-paid priests for value added rich customers.

Some of the people used to wake up at night time and roaming around the streets and dig a pit and kept like these geometrical structures in others houses or throw down some shits to other houses which is given by priests. These people have confident, when it kept on other houses, vehicles and soils. But a trained magician easily observed and pick up these type of tools wherever they kept and dug it down through his magical power through invisibly to the same whom did it for.

The rare Smell?, it vibrates to certain extent when a yogi comes in to the circle.  We can observe once the yogic practices starts to travel through the advance stages. Instead of trusting these type of magical things, magicians, tantra pooja, it’s advised to understand the yogic practices running along the god’s boundaries.

The chakras, magical geometrical structures, textures of concentrate smells, altar on goddess temples never makes difference on the destiny. It added in to their own destiny similar to the working status. Time being looks for years, but the period clock starts at any time brings down all those things had done for dirtiest things. That’s the painful results have to face from refraction and reflections due to these type of stuffs never works all along the gods boundaries.

The type of dirtiest things and reprehensible things carried out by educated people through left hand practices of magicians were consulted for their own benefits. It decays one day, tomorrow, or after or conformably a day it decay and decay their entire generations whom consulted.  Cause?

Gods boundaries never allows these dirtiest people for a while, when they crosses, it shuts down immediately. The boundaries of god are highly energized and continuously.

Destiny it changes how we acts in other life. That’s why vethathiri maharishi strongly recommending individual discipline.

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