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கல்லாடத்தில் கலந்தினிதருளி நல்லாளோடு நயப்புற வெய்தியும்.
Kalladanar (Thiruvasagam)
Kalladanar written the greatest work of Kalladam. By the order of Lord Shiva, Kalladanar compiled the verses and poems from the work of Manicka vasagar who written the verses on god. When Kalladanar sung the verses on lord shiva in temple, the statue in the temple nodded on every poems at the end of completion. The statue (kal in tamil, the stone) shook its head and nodded as appreciation and accepted on his every verses and poems. It becomes the place of Kalladam in Tamilnadu and God also bearing the same name as kalladam. Lord shiva given the name as Manikavasagar to the poet when heard the greatest verses from Thiruvasagam.

கல்லாடத்தில் கலந்தினிதருளி நல்லாளோடு நயப்புற வெய்தியும்.

The above verses indicates some wobble on the crown portions discloses the vibration of the energy intruded on the sahasranamam, the gate way of the temple. The meaning and verses is different, but here it’s irresistible to give as it’s written by mahayogi sundaraManicka Yogeeswarar. In Tamil, the meaning makes the other trend of the limited tendencies. Here it’s written on the previous verses and the continuity of thiruvasagam by Yogeeswarar in a way it traverses all along the holiness.

நமச்சிவாய வாழ்க நாதன் தாள்வாழ்க
இமைப்பொழுதும் என்நெஞ்சில் நீங்காதான் தாள்வாழ்க
கோகழி ஆண்டகுருமணிதன் தாள்வாழ்க
ஆகம மாகிநின்று அண்ணிப்பான் தாள் வாழ்க
ஏகன் அநேகன் இறைவன் அடிவாழ்க

வேகம் கெடுத்தாண்ட வேந்தன் அடிவெல்க
பிறப்புஅறுக்கும் பிஞ்ஞகன்தன் பெய்கழல்கள் வெல்க
புறத்தார்க்குச்  சேயோன்தன் பூங்கழல்கள் வெல்க
கரம்குவிவார் உள்மகிழும் கோன்கழல்கள் வெல்க
சிரம்குவிவார் ஒங்குவிக்கும் சீரோன் கழல்வெல்க

ஈசன் அடிபோற்றி எந்தை அடிபோற்றி
நேசன் அடிபோற்றி சிவன்சே வடிபோற்றி
நேயத்தே நின்ற நிமலன் அடிபோற்றி
மாயப் பிறப்பறுக்கும் மன்னன் அடிபோற்றி
சீரார் பெருந்துறைநம் தேவன் அடிபோற்றி
ஆராத இன்பம் அருளுமலை போற்றி

சிவன் அவன்என் சிந்தையுள் நின்ற அதனால்
அவன் அரு ளாலே அவன்தாள் வணங்கிச்
சிந்தை மகிழச் சிவபுராணந்தன்னை
முந்தை வினைமுழுவதும் ஓய உரைப்பனியான்.
Mahayogi Manikavasagar

The above verses may everyone from the schools of tamilnadu got it memorized during the school days for tamil paper –II. It makes us to bring the expand state of mind. It’s not on the way of style prays along parayanam. Its crosses our soul and it dissolve the gates which closed from the birth. The dissolve of ten gates as represented here as quoted secretly, if anyone unable to dissolve on thiruvasagam, they never dissolve for anything. But it indicates the ten gates to dissolve as indirectly. The above words given by a yogi.

The above verses quoted as Na Ma Si Va Ya- Namasivaya, the Na indicates the soil/Mann, Ma the water/Neer, Si the Fire/Agni, Va Air/Karru,Vayu, Ya the Universe/ Agayam, the long standing prayer for all these five are carried out here.

The same as the pranava, related to sakthi, it’s never been forget for a while and it’s always on the mind, the holiness of lord Siva feet. It’s always resembles as single, when it’s not being mingled and merged with lord Shakti, it spreads over the crores of the energy to the disciples of lord shiva. The panchenthriyangal of human being viz, eye,ear,mouth,nose,body are always interconnected with the above panchaboothas referred as na ma si va ya  the external sources of the universe.

The intercalations of pancha boothas and accumulation as a divine source as a single, the panchenthriyangal are characterized and categorized with respect to pancha boothas when it applies or works on the universe. The cluster of pancha boothas works on the humans brings and quoted as symbol as externally as lords viz, Lord brahma for soil, water for Vishnu, fire for ruthiran, vaayu for magesan, sky agayam for satha sivan. It composed and consist as five with respect to pancha boothas, the internal connection of panchenthiryas. Soil as body, the sareera, water, agni the fire as eye, vayu, the air as nose, sky agaya as ear. If these panchenthriyangal combined with panchaboothas works internally and called as Gnanantheriyangal.

If works externally as material consciousness and when it works internally as Gnanam, the Yogam. The highly definition of Om the Omkaram, tamil word as highlighted here. It’s the extreme end of the mantra jeba, may be soundless. When it works internally it refers as prithvi as Na, Water as Ma, Agni fire as Si, Vayu as Va, Agayam, sky as ya. The holi beejas as referred and denoted separately and indicated the pancha boothas working nature and it’s the seed of the knowledge and it’s the one, the only one able to attach with Omkaram and its can be able to  bring out as Om Nama shivaya. The five mantras are carried out intermittently. The tamil word “OM” the script denotes the pranavam. The tamil letters from “AA” to Akk” represents the symbol of yogic practices. After this there will not be doubt arising on the letter “OM” by friends and Nagu.

The chakkaras as referred here as lords feet and the stick as fingers. The chinmuthra are compared here as for yogis. Lord shiva hidden behind the pranava manthra. When invisible, the lord appears as yegan, when visible as in the universe lord appears as Anegan.

The holy light as agni in the sukkilam, the carrier of vital fluid has the tendency of glowing light. It enables the internal light for the yogis. The same light appears as brightness as thejas/glows for the common people. The external body reduced the brightness to the internal and external body works according to the quantity of the sukkilam. Lord is in the end of the atom structure and referred here as Pinju Agan, referred as the lord inside the atom. With folded palm by Twelve inch above the head and hold it stable to see the lord shiva makes to understand and appears to be everywhere in the nature. The secrets on the head as referred here for travel towards pranavam. Here the lord shiva as referred as the emperor for the human body, the controller of external.

Without guru it’s unable to touch the holy light which glows internally, so it’s referred here as guru help, his holiness and his blessing from lord feet.

 To distract the sin from the birth, present sins the gnana karma is required here to eradicate the karmas. Yogis followed the shiva purana and the practices of the way followed by the maha yogis.

Faced trouble to accumulate energy inside the residing house. It’s not so easy to fix the required boundaries at the sixteen ends of residing houses. Usually heard that people used to keep some nails or rakshas at the end of the Lakshmi/satyanarayana pooja. This is the temporary geometrical scale structure and it enable the sixteen fold ring structure falls around the house where they spread out through the yaga and pooja. The mantras spelled out and the water poured on the chakra and it activates for time being according to the power of the priest or magician and it depends up on money. For money it works accordingly, besides these the magical texture created by them work imaginarily on the fire and water. And vice versa…….?

Some of the flats they laid down on their own flat internally when they do house warming ceremony.  Some people kept externally on their apartment for their name sake to hold up from the enemies’ arrows which is bowed down from their home town or office circle or from other state persons.  They gets self-satisfaction when the priest tells these things as story and makes them to trust for further collection of money. But the real work will be faced to L type structure when it perfectly fixed down and thrown out from the houses and it works geometrical toned energy and spread out as fission and fusion. This is the hidden secret, but it can be created by well versed yogis not with street magicians, or priests or horoscope tellers.

If Priests says like mesha, rishaba, dhanusu rasi people gets good fortune after transition of planet guru at the middle of the June, then they used to trust blindly due to their predictions comes out from the demons through the magicians instead of analyzing the place of guru on their own horoscope charts or the chart thrown down on the river.

The geometrical structures starts its works gradually when it laid down near or far away or in L shaped direction or T shaped direction. It refracts, reflects and it penetrate to the fellow whom targeted. The energy level makes a balloon type temporary bubbles makes the fellow uncomfortable. They also observe it works or not, if fellow met accident suddenly, then the messages goes immediately to the magicians or priests or where it kept alive. People can observe the accidents which will be occurred close to our vehicle or near our footsteps without touching us. This resembles the indications that it has been targeted but unable to cross the circle of the fellows’ gods from the villages. Readers go through these paragraph once again.

A person from abroad visits met recently and said, there was a street for these type of magical things and kept board outside for consultation and immediate results will be indicated to real customers. It crosses for a while but it always failures after some days due to …………………?

If do meditation in residing places, it stuck up your energy and it hold when your astral body tried to expand throughout the place. Then it will come to know that where the location of chakras kept in and around the houses, streets and its boundaries. If the herbal plants are laid down somewhere nearby houses, its holiness usually block the forces and energy created by the pre-paid priests for value added rich customers.

Some of the people used to wake up at night time and roaming around the streets and dig a pit and kept like these geometrical structures in others houses or throw down some shits to other houses which is given by priests. These people have confident, when it kept on other houses, vehicles and soils. But a trained magician easily observed and pick up these type of tools wherever they kept and dug it down through his magical power through invisibly to the same whom did it for.

The rare Smell?, it vibrates to certain extent when a yogi comes in to the circle.  We can observe once the yogic practices starts to travel through the advance stages. Instead of trusting these type of magical things, magicians, tantra pooja, it’s advised to understand the yogic practices running along the god’s boundaries.

The chakras, magical geometrical structures, textures of concentrate smells, altar on goddess temples never makes difference on the destiny. It added in to their own destiny similar to the working status. Time being looks for years, but the period clock starts at any time brings down all those things had done for dirtiest things. That’s the painful results have to face from refraction and reflections due to these type of stuffs never works all along the gods boundaries.

The type of dirtiest things and reprehensible things carried out by educated people through left hand practices of magicians were consulted for their own benefits. It decays one day, tomorrow, or after or conformably a day it decay and decay their entire generations whom consulted.  Cause?

Gods boundaries never allows these dirtiest people for a while, when they crosses, it shuts down immediately. The boundaries of god are highly energized and continuously.

Destiny it changes how we acts in other life. That’s why vethathiri maharishi strongly recommending individual discipline.

Fabulous People viz., Doctors, Astrologers, Researchers used to copy the whole post including general topics and published on their names. When I enquired, they said it’s their own work, then after they blamed on the website creators and through their mistakes on their website creators. It is requested here to avoid copying of items for money and fame, it leads to suffer for bread and butter at the end. The posts are written only for people who were thirsty on spiritual and yoga.

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கண்டிடுங்காண் மண்டைதனில் கல்தானொன்று
கருவாளி யேயறிவார் அந்தக்கல்லோ
மெயஞ்ஞானமவர்க்கு சித்தி
அதீதக் கோடாகோடி யுகமே வாழ்வார்
எண்திசைக்குச் சித்தரென்றும் பேருண்டாச்சு
எல்லார்க்கும் குருவாச்சு தீட்சையாச்சு
(Mahayogi Agasthiyar)
The heading may crack the laugh and brings the doubts on the human science. Some of the months continuously, I have received the mails and inquiries on these type of alchemy related with the translucent stones in the human body? Some of the people in spiritual who called them as alchemists raised the questions on this holy stone inside the skull. The above verses represents the secrets of a stone inside the skull with highly protected coverage. It describes the stones of stones. They have their allure nature with effects of both sun and moon due to this acquired of this stone of skull. Philosophers never reach the path of this practices, but yogi can attain the nature of the stone. Once acquired this they can live millions of years and trend towards the masters and to the disciples. It describes, there is a stone in the skull and it will be used by the people who are well versed with magical concepts and occult practices. They may call as yogis and considered as master. Here the stone referred as poisonous stone. How a poisonous stone will grow and complicate rooted in the skull?
Alchemist continuously argued on these type of development of stone inside the human skull. They argued and quoted with Tamil siddhars poems and verses insisting that a yogi must know the holy stone in the skull internally or grasp from outside to complete their achievement. Without skull stone one cannot achieve their yogic stage” they argued. It’s a type of understanding with the verses and poems of Tamil siddhars. The magical poems and verses always divert the people who well versed with alchemy and chemical substances dealing with the preparation of natural metals. Even though number of poems and verses were written and published in different stages during the preparation of medicines through alchemy by Tamil yogis. The products itself have the tune of magical concepts occurred through the yogic practices.
கல்லான கல்லதனை எவருங் காணார்
காசினியில் மானிடரில் ஒருவருண்டு
அல்லானவன் தலைச்சன் சூத்திரசாதி
அதுவறிந்து அவர் சிரசில் கல்லைவாங்கி
வில்லான விசக்கல் அது தானாகும்
வெல்வதற்கும் கொல்வதற்கு மதனாலாகும்
பொல்லான பாவிகளை மரணமாக்கும்
புவிதனிலே சமாதிதனில் வைத்தப்பேர்க்காணே

The above verses describes, no one in this world did not aware of the concepts and it procedures. Once in a crore can understand about this stone and utilize it. He will be first person or mature or head of the family members. He knows the genetic centers of the roots belongs to this stone. The root cause of this stone is referred here as the understanding of the yogic practices. The verses diverts the readers and make understand us as the person should be first born person in a family, eldest. He may be the yogi and conscious person. It describes that one should receive the stone from this person. It diverts to denote the person may be yogi or eldest or he may considered as yogi born as eldest. With the stone they can dissolve the person or bless with material concepts of the world. But at the end it discloses that the person should be attained the stages of Samadhi. We can take here as yogi who attained the Samadhi stages. He or she, but it denotes the roots of the stone.

பேரான அக்கினியில் வைத்துக் கொளுத்தும் போது
பலமான மண்டைதனில் சூடுகொண்டால்
பாரான படீரென்று தலை வெடிக்கும்
பறக்குமப்பா கேசரந்தானகப் படாது
மாறான மாணிக்க மனுசரில் காணும்
மகத்தான பாம்புக்கு மாணிக்கமுண்டோ
ஆரான கல்லை விழுங்கினதேயாகில்
அன்று விந்து கட்டிப்போகும் வாதசித்தியாமே

The above verses describes how to collect the stone, the place, and the period of clock. Verses says that when burnt in the fire, the head will becomes hot, when it becomes hot it blasts in to pieces. Hair will not be collected here. If the snake has the stone of manickam (tamil)? Humans has the same stone inside the skull. If he had the stone, it solidified the content of sperm and all other alchemy will acquire and settle easily with his practices. Two things we can take here from the above verses. Snakes makes the stone from undelivered poison. But its rare thing, fifteen years back in Mangalore forest area, I have seen huge snakes raise up to six to seven feet from the ground level. The people where I stayed during 1993 in forest area in Mangalore, they never kill snakes, so most of the time, snakes passes in front of us or cross against us, and we have to stand till it crosses. They said, sometime at night, old snakes used to spew the stone outside for prey. The stone emits and splits enormous luminance around some meters where the snake stands and it hunts the food. Because of this powerful lux from the emission of the stone which kept inside the dense forest area, people always used to see from the hill top where they stayed.
The above verses compare the stone of snake and stone of human skull. But it looks diverts when the last line discloses the solidification process of the human energy level. It can understand that human make themselves a stone through process of yogic practices. The stone here referred here as the tool to blast the door where it goes to reach the secret way of travel. The blasts can take here as the blasts of the door? Some sastra says on the bramachariya, the bachelor life in yoga makes the human energy in to a oval shape stone which travels from the lower level to higher level without any obstruction. Its takes twelve years to complete, but yogic practices itself makes the energy in to solidified stage, exhaust the breath as smoke when burnt. Whenever the meditation crosses more than one hour, the burnt smell comes from the humans and filled up in the room and feel something burning inside. After completion of the meditation if you throw the breath of air from the mouth on the mirror, it breaks due to the enormous energy comes out from the internal body. The burnt exhaust makes you thirsty and required more water to intake. Yogis carry water in hand and taking frequently when they do meditation for hours in the forest due to this burning of the energy. I bring to an end here. Readers excuse this.

சித்தியாம் பறக்கச்சே சித்தரெதிர்ப்படுவார்
சீவரத்தினமிதுவென்று வசியம் செய்து கொள்வார்
அத்தியாம் அக்கினியில் இறந்த பேர்க்கு
அகப்படாது மாணாக்காள் சமாதிக்கல்லைக் காணு
வெற்றியாம் சமாதிதனில் வைத்து மண்டலந்தான்
விளங்கவே சென்ற தென்றால் விவேகமதாய்சென்று
விருத்தியாம் சமாதிக் குழி வெட்டிப் பார்த்திட்டால்
விசிதமாயன்று வைத்தப்பின் பது போலாமே

The verses above confuse the readers and makes them divert from one in to another. It elaborates that they becomes yogi when they attained the skull stone. They can do ashtama siddhis (types of magics). Mahayogis will be contacted to them when they understood on this concept. It also says that if it burnt, the stone will be dissolved and did not separate out from the body. So it can acquire from the people whoever preserved in the soil after death. There will be some secrets behind to acquire this stone for the disciples and it elaborates.

அதுவான விசக்கல் மூங்கில் முளைத்தது போல்
மகத்தான உச்சிவழி வாசலெதிர்படும் காண்
அதுவான அக்கல்லையெடுத்துச் சிமிழில் வைத்து
ஆவியா மெய்ஞான பூசை செய்து
அதுவான உலகமதில் மனிதர்மாண்டிட்டால்
வளமான இக்கல்லை முலைப்பாலிலுரைத்து
பதுபான பாசமதாய் மூன்று வேளை கொண்டால்
பத்ம கோடாகோடி யுகம் வாழலாமே

The procedures and the observation of the stone is described in the above verses. The appearance of the poisonous stone is described as the growth of the bamboo trees and its buds. It describes that the stone itself will come out from the skull part. It should be preserved in the proper way of alchemy. Here it discloses about observe the meditation. The stone will be squeezed with the breast milk of mother and have it for three times. They will alive for millions of years. It can be given to death person to bring back and make him alive. We can describes in three different way to make this verses as explanation. But all are taking to the extreme end of diversion. That’s only the true and fact behind this.

வாழ்வார்க்கு இக்கல்லை சுன்னஞ்செய்ய
மாட்டினோம் சவுமியத்தில் வளமாய் செய்து
ஆள்பவருக்கு அக்கல்லைச் சுண்ணஞ் செய்து
ஆடுவாய் பிண்ட வித்தை தொழிலுக்காய்
வாழ்வார்க்கு இச்சுண்ணமதால் பனிநீர் சுத்தி
மகத்தான அண்டசுத்தி பனிநீர்சுத்தி
தாள்பவர்க்கு சுத்த சலமதீத சுத்தி
நலமான தொழிலெல்லாம் குரு விதாச்சே

The above verses describes the different filtration process with this skull stone for different alchemy purposes and medical treatments. It’s also strongly says that the blessing of guru.

ஆச்சப்பா யோகமதின் அனுபானம் சொன்னோம்
அட்டமா தொழிலாடக் கரவைச் சொன்னோம்
நாச்சப்பா நன்றாகச் சொல்லிப் போட்டோம்
நாலுதிசை சித்தர்கள் அரியதாக

Finally, Mahayogi Agasthiyar describes about the yoga and meditation from the three dimensional view of the skull stone with the witness of Tamil siddhars along four directions. Readers can understand the words of yogis on the real meditations. Finally they always concluded the yogic practices and its valuable results.

Some words brings the person in to real life in this material world, knowingly or unknowingly. Words have enormous power depends up on the individuals or the day or time when they delivered or spelt out. I have come across many incidents due to this deliver of words in my different stages of life before the learning of meditation and achieved or travelled through meditation.
The words hunt your entire life and blasts in to pieces. It breaks the entire family, mass and a place. It depends up on whom and how it comes from.
Some months back I fell down inside the dense forest due to tree roots criss cross over in the foot path all along the way to forest. My screaming echoed along the valley sections and hilly terrain covered by trees. I got injury on the legs, hands, and chest portions due to the gravels hit on the chest. It lead to the suffocation and admitted in the hospital for cardiology after this injury. They took me to nearest primary health Centre and given treatment for minor injuries.
Phone call came from my wife and said” madam has expired last night, informed me now, I have to go and see”. She unable to tell those words, I understood she worrying about past days about her. I said “gods wish, we the small people, what else do other than prayers”. She keep silence on the other side. I said” ok, go and come.
Madam” whom she referred was suffering from cancer. We met once or twice, but those presence we can’t forget in life. The stubborn lady have digest all the pains she had. She never showed in her face whenever I met her.
After some weeks from hernia and abdominal major surgery for my wife, she used to walk slowly at night time. That day when we were walking in front of our apartment with my kids, we met her and talked first time to madam.
Madam asked my wife about the surgery. Wife showed the abdominal portion removed out half of the stomach portion.  Wife said” paining and unable to sleep at night. My one year kid used to sleep with her dad. Then I and kids were started walking here and there. Madam and my wife were talking for one hour in front of the apartment near the darkness.
I found my wife stood without talking anything, but madam was explaining her continuously.
Then they called me, I went near. Wife said “give your great masters ashram to madam. Let her go and come. I said like an idiot” see sir don’t trust all these spiritual, its o.k. if he trust me, then keep this is the last option and go to ashram and come, I will give the address tomorrow.
            Madam said” he tried all treatments, this also we see, what is the last, now we are on the last stage. She stopped talking suddenly. She wants to divert her speech seems. She said” my son hugged me and sleeping, he behaves like small kid. Some healing person came for healing. We have seen all treatments.
            That time also I spoke like a third order fool, I did not understand what going on there talks. I said “tomorrow I will give the address to sir”. She gave a smile on us.
            We came inside our flat and brought my wife slowly to bedroom and make her to comfortable lying on the bed. She bursts out and cried in front of us. We got shock. My small kid got scared on her mother crying and hugged me.
Wife said” What that sir is? he don’t know the sophisticated treatments in this city?. Why he did not taken care of his wife. How many best doctors are here in this city? He can consult where we consulted. I said” he and madam are great lovers, I have seen many times while they are going, he taken care her like kid. He never showed his painful face. He used to hide his face and go back always. He might have done all the treatments to her.
Wife said” madam got continuous pain, unable to sleep for many days. Unable to solve the pain, unable to have the food. I got pain due to this surgery, I am not able to hold this pain and its paining, and how she hold the pain for months together and talked to me.
You do something for her, I can’t digest her words and pain she said with tears. She cried emotionally, tears is not new for my wife, I have seen those years when we lost our kid, and she used to cry most of the time. Daily she cries at night for one year till she recovers. After this, she cried as this is the time.
Next day before comes to field work, I went and met him and gave the address of the ashram, details of the train routes and a great master photo. He said” she unable to travel now. I asked him” at any cost try to visit the place one, then I can follow the great masters from the ashram. I insisted him to go.
Wife called me and said “madam body kept in the hall. She looks like sleeping. She said “you could have tried to save her.
I don’t wants to argue with her. She does not know. How destiny works in this holy universe. Great masters are capable to trap the destiny and give it like small kids like us to continue. The blue print of the life run all along the life till our completion.
I said” when I wants to save my kid and dad, I did not aware of the yogic practices. When I understood that, I missed all those guys. I am doing to all people without any partiality due to understanding of others pain even they misused also.
Madam could have visited the great master’s place, then after I could have pleased the yogis for her. But destiny stuck up here itself and unable to visit the gurus place. Guru’s mercy missed here in this situations. He the merciful person among the disciples. Our requests never denied by the great masters. I have the strong belief on the great masters. They never leave their disciples. I am really sorry for this. I prayed for her daily on those days” I said. Wife has not given reply for this. I bring to an end here. When I come back to Bangalore, he said shall I return the great master photo. I said” I gave it for madam”.
Some years back due to our builder’s mistake, a controversial thing arise due to gate welded in front of our flat door. It’s concluded as encroachment and it became big issues like neighbors said” both the walls belong to us. Daily all the people visited our flat and checked the Iron Gate measures and how much place occupied in front of doors. Final meeting was organized to solve this gate problem. Builder said “you adjust with those people and remove the gate”. Whom the responsible for all the incidents, he says “adjust”. Then the gate was removed for some days and then refix close to door, but the gate structure was reversed till today.
On Final meeting” many persons criticized me on their own languages which I did not aware of the assent due to it’s not my parent language. I still remember all the criticize cause I was standing as a single person and my wife was pregnant, she was standing on the first floor due to her hernia problem on conceiving days. Among many criticizes a  criticize was”thillai, come for drinks, be cool, will have one small drinks and talk, everything will be alright after this. Laughed and said in front of the people, association is the first approach thing here. In future, if goes for second marriage also,  have to get permission from the association and get marriage, “said and laughed loudly. On hearing this all association members laughed loudly. “ya ya, you have to get permission for second marriage boss, they criticized.
The words delivered that day in a critical situation due to somebody mistakes which I had all those words from unknown persons. The years goes by, falls down. Changes taken places. Everything in this world. But the words delivered in the universe never dissolved there at the place which it has been raised for the cause, its strengthened, its patterned, its reflects the results with enormous refractions, its brought the painful situations after many years as same as delivered. Words will be always true on situations, time, day, from whom.
But the words never dissolved in the universe, it hold by god, its registered as a record and send for follow up and review, it’s still on the universe and went back to delivered places.
Many people does not understood the meaning of mercy and god. Words are never dissolved in the universal scale. It may be large scale, long term deposits.
A owner has a horse and a goat in the farm house. Horse had severe illness. Doctor certified with three day medicine, if it not recovered on third day, you kill the horse. Owner observes on first day. Goat and horse are thick friends. Goat went and said” get up and run through otherwise owner will kill you. Whole three days goat said to horse” recover as fast, get up, run, run. Third day horse got up and ran for an hour. Goat was very happy on its horse friend got recovered. Doctor came on third day for review and said”horse has recovered. Owner said” am happy now with your treatment, tomorrow come for party at farm house, I have one goat here, useless goat, will make mutton biriyani tomorrow and they celebrated mutton party on the next day.
People never understood in their life whom had done real helps in their life. My portion always like a goat throughout my life. At the end, all are concluded that it has been carried out by god and their astrologers, priests.
The above is not biography or bibliography, it’s explained as how the words becomes powerful when it’s thrown. Words are referred as “Hurts”.

If we throw a paper, it goes to some feet. If we throw the paper packed inside with small stone, its goes to meters. Words are like those how to thrown in the universe. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

கடவுளின் துகள்கள்

கடவுளின் துகள்கள் 2
யோகத்தில் பிரகஞ்சையுடன் விழித்திருப்பதே தவத்தின் ஆரம்ப படிகளாகும். அகம் விரிவடைய விரிவடைய காட்சிகள் மறைந்த வண்ணமே இருக்கின்றன. பேரறிவுடன் தொடர்புக்கொள்ள தவத்தின் சக்திகள் அனைத்தும் பிரயாசனபட்டு சோர்ந்து விடும்பொழுது காண்கின்ற காட்சிகள் யாவும் கனவுகளாக மனப்பிரழையை பிரமையை தோற்றுவிக்கிறது. தான் சித்த சுவாதினம் அற்றவனாக யோகி உலாவவேண்டியிருக்கிறது. குடும்பத்தி்ல் கோபத்தை காட்ட வேண்டி தவிர்க்க முடியாத சூழ்நைிலைகள் உருவாகி கொண்டேயிருக்கின்றன.
மனம் பயணத்தை ஆரம்பிக்கும் பொழுதே பால் வெளி தன் செல்களை குவித்துக் கொள்கின்றன. பிரவேசிக்க முடியாத இடைவெளி என்று பொய்யான ரூபங்களை காட்டி ஏமாற்றி தள்ளிவிடுகிறது. இவையே அணுக்கள் என்று பல முறை ஏமாந்து தவத்தில் கீழே விழ நேருகின்றது. காலத்தை கடப்பதற்கே உடலின் செல்கள்  எல்லாம் முழு வீச்சில் உலாவி சோர்ந்து விழுந்து விடும் போல் சோர்வை உருவாக்கின்றன.
ஆற்றல் வெளியில் பிரேவசிக்க முழு பலத்தையும் பிரயோகிக்க வேண்டி வருமோ என்று மனம் பிரகஞ்சையில் மறைந்து கொள்கிறது.  பிரபஞ்சத்தின் முடிவின்மையை சந்திக்கின்ற பொழுது மனம் சந்தேகத்தை கிளற ஆரம்பித்து விடுகின்றன. இது உண்மையா அல்லது மனம் நமக்கு போக்கு காட்டுகின்றதா என்று அறிவு ஓங்கி ஒலித்துக் கொண்டேயிருக்கின்றது. இதனால் நேரம் ஒடிவிடுகின்றது.
மனித பிரபஞ்சையுடன் இருப்பது போலவே பயணம் மேலோங்கி சென்று கொண்டேயிருக்கிறது. ஆனால் மனம் செயலற்றதாகி தாங்க முடியாத பாரமாகிய பிரபஞ்சத்தின் சுமையை தன் மேல் சுமக்கின்றன. இந்த இருப்பை உடலால் உணர முடியாததா என்ற சந்தேகங்கள் வளர்ந்து வளர்ந்து நகர்கிறது
இயக்கமற்ற நிலையை வேதாத்திரி மகரிஷி இதை தான் சொன்னாரோ என்கிற சந்தேகங்கள் பல முறை தொடர்ந்த வண்ணமேயிருக்கின்றன. உடலால் நுகர முடியாதைதை மனம் அறிவது மிக சிரமமே என்ற கோட்பாடு பொய்யாகி போனது. வெளிப்படுத்த முடியாத பிரகஞ்சையை மானுடப்பிரகஞ்சையால் உணர்ந்துக்கொள்ள முடிகின்ற பெரும் அவஸ்தையிது.
அகத்தை உணர வேண்டி தவத்தை கலைக்க எடுத்த முயற்சிகளெல்லாம் வீணே. தவம் பால்வெளியில் புகுந்து கொண்டால் அது தன் இஷ்டபடியே பயணிக்கிறது. முடிவில்லா பயணமாக ஆரம்பிக்கிறது.
இருப்பை வெளிக்கொண்டு வருவது உடல் பார்த்துக் கொண்டேயிருக்கிறது. பிரபஞ்சத்தின் மகா சக்திகள் உடலை இயக்க நிலையில் எப்பொழுதும் வைக்கின்றன. உடல் சார்ந்த சக்தியை இருக்க கூடிய இருப்பை துாக்கிச்செல்ல இயலாமல் போகின்றன. மனம் கத்திக் கொண்டேயிருக்கிறது. சூக்கும பயணத்தின் அதிர்வுகள் மனம் உணர்ந்துக்கொண்டு அண்டவெளியில் பிரவேசிக்கன்றன.
சித்தர்கள் இவ்வெளியில் மானுட பிரகஞ்சையோடு மனத்தை விரித்து துகள்களாக அண்ட சரசாரங்ளை கட்டியாளும் இந்த இயக்கமற்றநிலைகளில் மிக பிரமாண்டதான இந்த பிரபஞ்ச சக்திகளத்தினுள் எப்பொழுதும் உருவெடுத்துக்கொள்கிறார்கள். தங்கள் இஷ்டம் போல் பரந்து விரிந்து மறைந்துயிருக்கிறார்கள். பல சமயங்கிளில் அதை மனப்பிரமை என்று வேற்றுப்படுத்தி அறிதலே இருப்பு நிலைகளை கடக்க எளிதாகிறது
யோகி மயக்கநிலையை கடந்து கொண்டேயிருக்கிறான். பெரும் கஷ்டத்துடன் நடக்கின்ற செயல்கள் அவைகள். பால்வெளியில் நிகழ்கின்ற அனுபவங்கள் மனத்தை மயக்கமுற செய்கின்றன. இறைவனின் இருப்பை அறிந்துக்கொண்டவுடன் மீண்டும் மீண்டும் பயணிக்க முயற்சிக்கின்றன.

உச்சகட்டம் என்பதே இல்லை என்பதை மனம் உணர்ந்துக்கொண்டு சிரித்துக்கொள்கிறது. மனம் அடிவாங்கியதுப்போல் கூப்பாடு போட்டுக்கொண்டேயிருக்கின்றன. பெரும் தவிப்பை இது தினம் தினம் உருவாக்கிறது. எல்லையில்லா மானுட பிரகஞ்சையுடைய தவிப்பேயிது.

அகம் விரிவடையாதவர்களே அடுத்தவருடைய பல்லாண்டு உழைப்பை உரிந்தெடுப்பவர்கள். இவர்கள் ஆன்ம பலமற்றவர்கள். குருவின் பலமறியாதவர்கள் அவர்தம் பிரகஞ்சையில் வாழைாதவர்களும், ஆசிர்வாதம் பெற இயலாதவர்களும், குருவின் பால் முழுமையான அர்ப்பணமும் பக்தியும் பயமற்று இருப்பவர்களே, இத்தகைய பிரதியெடுப்பவர்கள். குருவால் எது உணர்ந்து சொல்லப்பட்டிருக்கின்றனவோ அவற்றை ஏற்று முழுமையாகக் கடைப்பிடிப்பதே தவத்தின் பாதையாகும்
என் உயிரை பரப்பி அதன் மேல் என் சொற்களை தடவி வைத்திருக்கிறேன். என் வார்த்தைகளை வேண்டுமானால் பிரதியெடுத்து தங்கள் பெயரை போட்டுக்கொள்ளலாம். ஆனால் உயிரை குருநாதறன்றி மற்றொருவர் திருடயிலாது. நாளடைவில் அது அதன்பால் கொண்டு சென்றுவிடும். களவுக்கு இயற்கையின் முன் பதில் கூற வேண்டிய நிலைகள்.
மனம் ஊனமுற்றவர்களே இத்தகைய செயல்களை செய்வர்.
எல்லாம் இறைசெயலே.

Readers are requested to give the genuine comment on other people’s blogs and face book which ever posts come across and noticed the posts were copied from my blogs.  
Some of the People whoever never touched the internal path of guru blessings can steal my words from the posts in my blogs. This quality discloses that they have not been blessed by the great masters and it exposes the absence of soul expansion internally and intuitionally. This enhances about them and how their guru taught as yoga as individual discipline.
It’s my own words in all my writings, but it has been written as empty words through my soul all over the posts. Anyone can write their name and depredate the words from my posts but it’s irresistible to grasp my soul on all the words in every post which I was spread over and blessed by the great masters. They may answer to the nature when it brings in front of them to the almighty which was hauling up from others accordingly.
People who have mentally handicapped in this material world can able to do these types of copy writings.

Its gods wish now.